You need to take urgent action if your phone has been stolen - see below.

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What do you do if your phone is Lost or Stolen?

You need to take urgent action.

If you think your phone is lost or stolen:

  1. Phone the mobile number immediately. If you think your mobile has been lost you should try the number to see if you can hear the phone ringing. If someone answers they might just have found it and may return it to you.

  2. Call the "Customer Care" helpline of your network provider and ask them to block the phone and deactivate the SIM. Here is a list of Customer Care numbers.

  3. Call the police. Tell them your phone make, model, number and the IMEI (which you should have noted before the theft). If you do not know these details your network provider may be able to help. Get a crime reference number (so you can claim on any insurance).

  4. Register the loss with Immobilise. This will add the phone to the Police National Stolen Phone Database and you may stand a chance of getting the phone back.

  5. Replace the lost mobile phone.

What if I later find my phone?

If your phone is recovered:

  • Call your network Customer Care numbers and ask them to take off the bar and unblock the IMEI, which will take about 24 hours.
  • Inform the police.
  • If you have already been issued with a new handset via insurance, then your old handset is the property of the network or insurer and must be returned to them.
  • Log in to your Immobilise account and update your details accordingly.


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